ARNSO Seminar in Cheboksary, Chuvashia Republic. March 29, 2001.

March 29,2001 in Cheboksary (capital of Chuvashia republic) was held informational seminar "Russian scouting: history, problems and perspectives".
Seminar was organized by Educational dept. Of Cheboksary and National Council of ARNSO-BHCO.
Two members of National Council were presented on seminar: Slava E. Chernykh, scm, Training Commissioner of ARNSO and Dr. Eugene Shamis. As well two local scoutleaders from Union of Scouts of Chuvashia - Olga Kosterina and Svetlana Chernykh participate in main events of seminar.

As official part of visit ARNSO group to Cheboksary was visit to Mr. Eugene Petrov - chairman of State Committee by Youth affairs of Chuvashia. During introduction negotiation both side were satisfied with perspective of cooperation between State power of Chuvashia and Union of Scouts of Chuvashia as only ARNSO Scout organization in Republic. 

Now in the plan of ARNSO Council and International Dept. to looking for link-group of foreign brother scout organization for direct support to middle-Volga regional scouts troops.