AVoRS 10-th Anivessary.

November 17, 2000 we celebrate 10-th anivessary since AVoRS - Association for revival of Russian Scouting was found. 
November 15, 1990 3-rd All-Russian congress for scouting (first two were 1916 and 1917) started in the Conference Hall of the Institute of Youth, Moscow. Number of participants vary from 100 to 140. Only persons whom able to approve their belonging to scouting were delegates with voting right. 67 delegates present themselves and proto-scout' organizations acting in different regions of Soviet Union: Moldova, Buellorussia, Ukraine, observers from Baltic states.
Delegation of Young Pathfinders (ORYR) from USA was headed by Oleg O. Pantukhoff, son of Founder of Russian Scouting Oleg I. Pantukhoff. It was so symbolic and significant moment for all Scout leaders participated in Congress. At the moment when chairman present Russian exile scouts and called the name of Pantukhoff all delegates and observers stand and salute of Legendary son of Legendary Founder. 

Nov. 17, 1990 in Hotel "Moskva" was held first meeting of Secretary General of WOSM D-r. Jacques Moreillon to Slava E. Chernykh, leader of underground Group for revival of Russian scouting, acting since 1989. D-r Moreillon sent best wishes to delegates in their hard scout duties. Same day observer from World Bureau Yrjo Gorski participated in sessions of Congress.
During discussion on the choice of organization form further movement one group of delegates (Lazarev, Loginov, Chernykh) prefered to continue informational work to explain society what scouting is, publicity and positive scout image formation. Another group of delegates pressed on immediately registration so fresh movement as Scout organization with strict structure and formal attitudes. 

Finally was decided that AVoRS has aim to creation of Russian Union of Scouts as unitary scout formation of Russian scouts which able to be recognized by WOSM. 
Slava E. Chernykh was elected as Chief Coordinator of AVoRS. 

Unfortunately, at 1991 under pressure of World Bureau and by personal ambitions was created Federation of scouts of Russia (FSR) that claim to be only scout formation in Russia. So Russian scout movement was split out before it is stay out as Scout Movement. 
At November 1990 we working as friends and scout brother and sister, then we spent 10 years and finally Russian scouts join World scout' brotherhood, but we are lost many good connections between Russian scouts here in Russia. Let me hope that one day we will be all together.