ARNSO and NORS-R ice breaking (!?)


December 18 ' 2002 friendly meeting of Mikhail Drozdov - chief scoutmaster of Russian ORUR and new elected as chairman of NORS-R to Slava E. Chernykh, ARNSO National Council member give chance for ice breaking in Russian Scouting.

Two branches of Russian Scouting are ARNSO (WOSM belonged) and NORS-R (independent) were not too friendly in action and words to each other. Now we can see a chance for dialog.

Both sides (Mikhail and Slava) more non-formal than official discussed situation in Russian Scouting.

Few more or less real steps in nearest future were offered by both sides: joint camp for scouts and razvedchiks (pathfinders) from ARNSO and NORS-R, theoretical seminar in march and possibility to create a National Coordinating body joining all Russian Scout organizations.